Acoustic Engineering

One of the factors affecting the well-being and quality of our lives is the level of noise in our surrounding environment. Noise control is a sensitive subject and one that has many aspects – technical, social, and economic.

In dealing with sound and vibration, our main concern is the reduction of unwanted noise. To this end, we apply noise control principles and implement them into technology and design in a variety of ways, including the redesign of sound sources and the design of noise barriers and sound absorbers.

We also perform noise annoyance assessments to verify whether a case of annoyance exists in different applications when comparing to various design guidelines. Should this be the case, we can provide recommendations in order to reduce noise emissions. These can be high level or detailed, including the alteration of sound power levels from machinery by re-commissioning or fine-tuning.

Our services in this area include:

  • Noise and vibration surveys
  • Residential building design for improved acoustics
  • Noise impact assessments
  • Assessment of noise generated from industrial sources
  • Design of acoustic barriers for commercial, industrial and transport infrastructure
  • Specification and design of systems and equipment for vibration transmission efficiency
  • Specification of technology and materials for acoustic control