Celebrating our 10th year anniversary!

Celebrating our 10th year anniversary!

This year was a very special one for us, because, believe it or not, we are now 10 years old!

Although our business as usual is already project-driven, during the past year, each of the four dimensions of project success –internal efficiency, impact on customers, business success, and preparing for the future, have been major protagonists of our story.

In the Chinese language, the word for ‘crisis’ is the combination of danger and opportunity. As many owners of small businesses in the knowledge sector would agree, the costs and benefits of running a micro-enterprise, are two sides of the same coin: it’s easier to navigate and to adapt in a complex business landscape, but it’s harder to cope with the impact of uncertainties.

Here, at Sammut & Associates, we work to extract as much of the positive potential value out of a situation as we can, transforming risks into opportunities for success.

We will be happy to help you do the same.