Energy Efficiency Consultancy

The real value of energy efficiency assessments is the ability to identify energy that is being wasted and to identify means by which that energy, and money, can be saved.

The energy assessment is a systematic analysis of energy uses based on evidence. Whether it is done on a residential dwelling, a building for commercial use, an industrial process or group of processes, or a single isolated system, the basic principles are common in all applications.

At Sammut & Associates we have a very extensive experience in all types of energy performance assessments and audits. This is based on our knowledge of the different energy uses, systems and processes, a thorough understanding of the architectural fabric of the building, and a familiarity with how people behave within a specific type of environment.

Find out more about how our energy consultancy services benefit your business and personal needs by telling us what you need.

Energy audits (non-SMEs)

For large enterprises that do not classify as a small or medium company, energy audits are obligatory by law, according to LN 196/2014 transposing the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EEC. The real value of these audits is the identification of energy that is potentially being wasted, and the opportunity for your business to make significant energy savings.

Energy audits (SMEs and micro-enterprises)

In small and medium enterprises, the cost of energy can be a huge burden on the company’s finances. An energy audit gives you the opportunity to save money by reducing energy waste and investing in measures that improve the energy efficiency of your business.

Energy Certification (air-conditioning and heating systems)

Our BRO registered air conditioning and heating systems assessors shall provide you with the inspection reports as required by LN 376/2012 and shall also offer you recommendations for the cost-effective improvement of the energy performance of the systems.

Energy performance certificates (EPC) – residential buildings

An EPC is a certificate that talks about the energy consumption and performance of a building, taking into account the way the property is built, the efficiency rating of appliances, any renewable technologies, such as photovoltaic panels (PV), and whether your building is ‘leaky’, in other words, losing energy to the outside. It is a simple, cheap, yet effective tool that helps you make an informed decision when you are considering to buy or rent a property.

Energy performance certificates (EPC) – commercial buildings

When you are investing in a commercial building, even if renting, it pays to know about its energy performance, and how this will affect your running costs and the need for structural changes. At Sammut & Associates we have built a vast experience in assessing and improving the energy profile of different types of commercial properties, that we can put at your service.

Building thermal simulation

We can build models of how your building generates heat in different scenarios, depending on the building envelope itself as well as the internal heat generated by people, lighting and equipment. Our simulations, including hour by hour thermal analysis of the buildings, will show you which designs and solutions are best suited to your needs to avoid generating waste energy and improve the lifetime and performance of your equipment.