Your Business Needs

Built around you.

We can come in and offer you support for your needs at any time in the evolution of your business. From the moment of inception of a new project idea, to planning details and preparing documentation, undergoing regulatory scrutiny, obtaining a license, or expanding and diversifying; we are your companions, helping you develop ideas into workable solutions, providing support for your infrastructure, and assisting you to bring in the resources to make it all happen.

Before you even start.

The first decision you need to make is always whether it’s all worthwhile. We are experts at conducting feasibility assessments, but only once we understand what your value criteria are. Over the years we have been involved in many projects that developed from an idea to a viable business opportunity.

If the cost-benefit ratio is not to your satisfaction, you are better off investing your capital into other ventures. This is a case where a negative result is never bad news.

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As you plan

This is where we come in. Whether your project concerns the conversion of a very small catering outlet in the heart of our beautiful capital city Valletta, or the construction of a new high-rise building, we will help you define the scope of works, so that you do not need to do more than what is sufficient, and produce any preliminary designs on the basis of calculations and specifications to the required level of detail. Once you’ve tried this experience, you will be persuaded of the benefits of great planning at the earliest possible.

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Getting the OK.

Without the permit and the license, your investment is not worth much. More than any other sector, construction and buildings are increasingly in the spotlight – and with good reason: even in individual buildings, the cost of fire incidents, water flooding, energy leakage, and failure of communication systems, to mention a few, is borne by society as a whole.

More than that, the process of policy and legal scrutiny, surprisingly, has its own benefits. For one thing, it forces you to do a risk assessment and control plan, giving you a reasonable peace of mind in return. It is also an excellent example of how, even in a mixed market economy, barriers to competition can be raised, keeping out inferior players.

Our job is not simply to hand you the reports that the Maltese authorities – the Planning Authority, the Building Regulations Office, the Civil Protection Department, the Health and Safety Authority, the Environment and Resources Agency, the National Commission for Persons with Disability, the Regulatory for Energy and Water Services – ask of you. We work with you as your trusted consultants, to make the most out of this process and to extract the real benefits that will allow you to distinguish yourself in the market and to avoid spending money on fixing failures in the future.

Speak to us before the authorities do.

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While you install

With permits and detailed design specifications in hand, your priority is to have your materials and equipment installed and commissioned as smoothly as possible so you can start to function and see the return on your investment. Whenever, in addition to the design of building services, we are also entrusted with technical site supervision, our role is to anticipate and pre-empt any problems that might arise during the actual installation that would otherwise cause you a costly delay and, in worse case scenarios, costly damage to property and assets.

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When you must grow.

Growth is a result, but we can help you in the process. To start with, our plans and designs are robust and flexible enough to cater for your business to expand. If, on the other hand, what you have in mind is a new line of operation, production line, or premises, we are excited to support your business transformation and diversification plans with our wide range of building engineering services. This is where you can rely on our experience as we have been behind the development of new facilities with different requirements – laboratories, livestock farms, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, banknote printing facilities, educational centres, etc.

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