Our Story

It starts with passion.

Even ten years later, our company is still a very true reflection of the principles and beliefs of Christopher Sammut, a man who can transform a passion into a mission with precision. What’s more, not only does he continue to inspire those around him with the same focused energy and rational approach as he did when he founded Sammut & Associates in 2009, but still makes the space for new growth.

Not just engineers.

We are proud to practice the fine trade of engineering, because we see it as a prime example of how science can be employed to provide the answers to many of life’s problems. In short, we are a bridge made well, connecting a vast theoretical land to different functional grounds. Only we are so much more. Already, as a team of similarly-inclined professionals coming from different backgrounds, we embrace a unique ideal: that of working with the interest of our customers in mind.

And the only way to do that, is for us to act as if your investment is also ours.

Which is why we are not simply engineers. We are your partners in business.

It’s all about people.

More than any other business, a consultancy is built around people.

We value the individual strengths and ideas each of us brings to the company; we are aware that unless we are happy doing what we do, we cannot serve you with pleasure; we take good care of our name in the community, because we believe that businesses remain sustainable as long as they are deeply connected to their society; we maintain excellent working relationships with our suppliers, our business partners, our regulators and even our competitors, because unless the marketplace is healthy, we cannot thrive successfully.

Small with a purpose.

During our own journey of growth over the past ten years we have had to decide about size many times. Since the beginning, we have seen all our numbers increase, which in turn enabled us to develop new products and sustain new operations. But with eyes on the business landscape, we have seen the hazards of companies outgrowing their own capability, as a result of being unable to manage efficiently operations away from the core.

As our brand solidifies, we position ourselves with openness to new growth.

Only when the purpose is excellence, above and beyond.