Who we are

Designing Value Solutions

Today’s demand for smart, resilient, and ecosystem-compatible buildings, drives the need to design modern, functional spaces that provide optimal comfort and well-being for their residents and visitors, at minimum cost and the least ecological impact possible.

As Malta’s finest building engineering consultancy firm, we at Sammut & Associates are proud to be serving clients who are investing to build a sustainable future.

Designing the Future

When it comes to ensuring success in the future, we understand the value of important things.

The highly conscientious engineer is always looking for risks and estimating the impact these will have. For this reason, apart from being naturally talented and trustworthy, we nurture insightfulness in our people and their projects.

We work to lift the heaviness of uncertainty away from your shoulders as much as possible. But we also promise to be truthful, and to not give you false hopes.

We think it is also key to possess the right balance between having the openness to innovation and the emotional stamina to adapt and re-invent solutions that can withstand the test of time.

A little bit of imagination helps.

We can help you design an investment that is fit for purpose in the landscape of the future.

Our Responsibility in a Shared World

The reason why you may have not heard much about our good sense of community is because we take it as the norm, and we have been busy working to make sustainability more than just a concept. This is also why it took us 10 years to set up a window on our operations – till now we have laboured in silence, to build tangible results.

We take our business responsibility very seriously. We believe that even without being reminded of the speed and intensity of human impact on our own ecosystem, we can take part in the global remedial action with small jobs of wonder. Like reducing the energy consumption of large, power-hungry buildings. Conceiving smart control systems. Preventing damage to life and property. Avoiding waste by designing lean production systems. Setting the example.

Business responsibility is not only towards the environment that sustains us. We serve society, and contribute, often in little ways, by sponsoring and supporting the work of individuals and social enterprises who struggle to help people lead a happier life.