During the COVID19 pandemic

During the COVID19 pandemic

The outbreak and spread of a pandemic such as the present COVID-19 is not a risk that a business would normally foresee and try to control.

It is so far out of the chart of normality, that even if an intelligent agent had warned us of this crisis last year, at a time when we were opening up to a new chapter in our business, we would probably have dismissed him, at best, as someone with a hidden agenda.

And exactly in these difficult times, we find that we must revisit our own words, when, citing the Chinese word for crisis, we reminded ourselves that it is the combination of danger and opportunity. As a business that is intimately connected to our community, locally and globally, we are painfully aware of the present danger and the impact of the uncertainties in all aspects of our lives.

Faced with this reality, we cannot speak of hopeless strategies and optimism without good reason. It is not business as usual; rather, it is a time to rethink our business targets and look towards new ways of surviving, recovering and making progress, so that we can continue to protect all that we stand for and be of service to our valued customers.

Right now, our priority is to stay safe and support one another.