Execution of Works

Evaluation of offers

We provide independent and professional assessment of the different offers for services, materials and/or works that you receive from bidders in response to the call for quotations. Our recommendation for the best value-for-money offer is based on the specifications and conditions, as well as your guidance in terms of project parameters. From our experience we know this stage to be extremely crucial, as choosing the right systems that match what you need will avoid problems in the future, such as difficulty to obtain certifications and licenses.

Supervision of works

During the works we can offer to supervise the installation and commissioning of the building services and systems to ensure that works and equipment will achieve the design intent. We will also avert any issues that may arise if there are different suppliers/contractors for different systems.

Valuation of works

At different stages of the project, we can do a valuation of works carried out up till a particular point in time, and issue a certificate of payment. This can be used by the project owner, the cost controllers, and the financial project administrators. This certificate is a required document when you are seeking compensation for expenses through funded projects.

Compliance certification

We also provide independent commissioning verification, expert valuation of works, and compliance certification services by witnessing and accepting the testing and commissioning activities on behalf of our clients.