Electrical load breakdown report

In the Electrical Load Breakdown report, the engineer is required to make an assessment of the number of electrical meters needed for a development, and to estimate the probable maximum simultaneous electrical power which will be required once the development is in operation.

The property developer or business owner benefits from this type of report because it is a way of making sure that the building will have sufficient power to meet the demands of all the electrical machines and appliances being used once that building is fully operational.

For this reason, the developer needs to works in collaboration with the engineer, informing him of all electrical using machines, appliances, and systems that he may intend to use in the development, so that the final assessment is as close to the actual conditions as possible.

In addition to being a report that is required by the Malta Planning Authority as part of the development planning and permitting process, this report will be used by Enemalta in order to assess what is the best way to convey electricity to the development through cables and switchgear adequately sized for the demands as estimated by the developer’s engineer.