Fume Emissions Report

Fume emissions reports are required by the Planning Authority for developments in which the activities taking place inside will generate contaminants that need to be emitted to the outside, either by natural or by mechanical ventilation systems. Examples of contaminants include odours, carbon dioxide, heat, and water vapour, most of which are emitted from cooking processes.

In order to compile the fume emissions report, the engineer needs to have the insights and the knowhow of different factors and methods to calculate the extract requirements, including the sizing of the ductwork which needs to convey the exhaust streams, the sizing and selection of air devices such as louvers, and physical dimensioning of fans and filter units capable of conveying the calculated extract flow rates.

In all this the engineer will also keep in mind the need to limit noise from the fans, and to keep the energy consumption to a minimum.

Based on the intended use of the property, in the fume emissions report the engineer will carry out this type of assessment and advise the client on possible ways by which fumes may be extracted in compliance to the Planning Authority’s policy guidelines.