Lighting Reports

There are different kinds of lighting analysis and reports which can be carried out by our firm, ranging from recommending minimum level of illumination, according to the proposed uses of the rooms for which a development and planning permit is being sought, to more complex analysis that sets to establish the extent of natural daylighting based on either simple calculations or through building modelling.

When lighting reports are requested without a particular brief, we offer our clients the basic report which includes the recommendation of the minimum levels of illumination for the proposed uses of the rooms.

The prescription of this report can be forwarded either to the lighting systems installers in the case of small buildings, or to designers such as architects or interior designers to ensure that the proposed lighting schemes will achieve the minimum level of illumination prescribed in this report.

The three most common types of lighting reports we do at Sammut & Associates are:

  • Daylighting assessment
  • Lighting performance requirement report
  • Light emissions report