Waste Management Reports

Waste management reports are typically requested by the Malta Planning Authority and other entities for those developments where the business activities shall produce waste, for example, meat shops, livestock farms, etc. In turn, the waste itself will also produce emissions, e.g. of odours, or other health concerns such as fumes, pathogens and the attraction of vermin and rodents.

For the waste management reports, it is important that the client discusses the requirements of the project, and briefs the engineer of the type and quantity of waste that will be produced. Using this information, the engineer will be able to calculate the size of storage facilities, the frequency of waste disposal, and also with the client ways and means of containing and controlling the emissions, such as odours, originating from the waste streams.

Different methods of waste management can be discussed including the frequency of waste collection, methods of segregation and waste containment, temperature control of particular waste materials, etc.