Monitoring and Reviews

Performance Monitoring

At times it becomes necessary to check whether your building services and systems are working according to specifications and performing their function well with respect to the number of people they are serving. The need to conduct a performance monitoring exercise may well be triggered by a complaint from the people who are using the building – for example, cases of dizziness, mild nausea, headaches, etc. may be linked to poor indoor air quality in commercial buildings.

Systems Review

At Sammut & Associates we also cater for more specific reviews of building services such as in instances where there has been a change in the conditions. During the COVID19 pandemic, for example, many businesses felt the need to conduct a review of their ventilation and air-conditioning systems to see whether these were adequate in terms of the restrictions and the safety measures that were introduced.

Third-party Reviews

When we are called in to conduct a third-party review, we offer our unbiased and expert opinion on the similarities and differences between two or more processes or systems. This is not unusual. It is the same as getting a second opinion in view of a sensitive medical procedure, only in this case, it is a third opinion, and it is external and not in any way associated with the other two. It pays to get advice on how best to use your money when investing in building services and infrastructure.