We were very happy with the personal attention we received for our restaurant. They were very helpful in taking us through the technical pros and cons and the cost implications of different possibilities.”

Hany Harb, Chef patron, Ali Baba


Chris has taken a keen interest in our processes, and has been very inquisitive to understand the type of equipment we would use and how we intended to use it, something which allowed us to understand the importance of a properly sized and properly controlled plant.”

Ing. Paul Fenech, Engineering manager, Crane Currency


With the help of Sammut & Associates, we have managed to create a high-quality, safe and comfortable building, with high tenant satisfaction and low tenant turnover. We are extremely satisfied with the customized yet flexible design, their no-nonsense approach, and the speed of delivery of our tender packages. We like to think of Chris as a perceptive business partner who also happens to be an engineer.”

Adrian Balzan, Business owner, St Julians Business Centre


We are impressed at how Christopher manages to turn what may well be a nightmare process such as the development permitting approvals into an opportunity to save costs and put the fire safety our tenants as a top priority – all with ease and competence. We never expected that an exercise such as computational simulation of fire, which allows you to visualize how smoke and temperature could evolve from a typical fire, can allow you to save significant unnecessary capital costs.

Mario Bonnici, business owner


With the help of Chris and Sonya we have managed to apply for funds at the 11th hour, by working hand in hand to put together a proposal for an energy efficient refurbishment of our facilities, something which in turn helps us continue to invest in the future of our athletes.”

Marthese Attard, Secretary, DePiro Basketball Club