Energy audit of the Malta International Airport

MIA wanted to use the opportunity presented by the regulatory requirement for non-SMEs to conduct an energy audit according to energy efficiency regulations LN 196/2014, to identify opportunities for savings on energy costs. In this project, one of the major challenges was to manage the scope, and in this way being able to focus and give priority to measures that would yield the desired reduction in energy waste.

Led by senior energy auditor Inġ. Christopher Sammut, our team of energy auditors and engineers worked closely with the client to determine the energy consumption profiles of the areas under investigation, even going as far as reviewing a third-party light simulation study for one of the airfield’s aprons. What we delivered was not just another energy audit – it was a truly fit-for-purpose analysis of the energy efficiency situation, with special focus on energy-saving measures that would be feasible and implementable in the medium-term.

Through this job our client got what they asked for and more – regulatory compliance without incurring excessive costs and burdens in addition to what is sufficient, and a clear action plan for saving on energy costs while upgrading infrastructure.